Founded in 1912, World Cooperage proudly crafts the highest quality white oak barrels with the same commitment to quality and service as its founder T.W. Boswell established four generations ago.

With our worldwide resources and state-of-the-art mills, we offer competitive pricing and the greatest value to our customers. World Cooperage is vertically integrated to control the entire process—from log procurement to finished barrel—we can provide superior predictability in wood source, barrel flavor, and quality assurance.

The cooperage pioneered the toasting technology known as “Barrel Profiling” to provide different barrel styles, each with diverse, definable flavor profiles, all with guaranteed repeatability and predictability.  This innovation is in direct response to winemakers’ expression for consistency. World Cooperage works in partnership with its customers to define a tailor made profile, or winemakers can review the company’s existing portfolio of barrel profiles.

Please visit our interactive website designed to help you pick a barrel profile to pair with your wine at  www.worldcooperage.com.

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